Club Specifics

What’s in the Box

All members and gift receivers will receive a welcome card introducing the wines in the pack and where to find in-depth tasting notes that describe each wine and the subtleties in the winemaking, vintage conditions, history and cellaring potential. These tasting notes are also a good way to keep track of what you’ve tasted, and can be kept with your personal tasting notes. They are perfect for anyone keeping a wine journal.



We ship locally and internationally. Within Australia we charge a $10.00 flat shipping rate. Domestic orders of $250.00 or more will receive free shipping. For international rates, please contact our Cellar Door team at or +61 8 8564 8223.

– When will I receive my wine?
Henschke Wine Club Collectors will receive their subscription packages three times a year. If you have received a package as a gift, it will also be on this schedule. Your wine will arrive in February, June and October. Prior to receiving your wine, you will receive a notification that includes tracking information and when you can expect it. We aim to ship on the 15th of the noted months.

– How much wine will I receive?
Each Henschke Wine Club Collectors package includes six bottles of Henschke wine. The varieties of wine will vary depending on the package you are subscribed to.



If you are a Henschke Wine Club Collector, you will be billed automatically for every package that you received. You can expect the payment to be charged on approximately the 1st of the shipment month.

If you have received a subscription as a gift, it has already been paid for and we will not bill you at all.



If you are gifting the Henschke experience, you will have the opportunity to select the quantity, equal to the number of months, that you would like to purchase. You will then be billed for the entire gift amount at checkout.

If you have received a subscription as a gift, we encourage you to sign up for your own recurring package when your gift runs out.