Six Generations

of exceptional winemaking
CIRCA 1870

Johann Christian Henschke

Johann Christian Henschke, born on December 24, 1803, departed from Kutschlau in the province of Brandenburg in the summer of 1841, and arrived in South Australia on October 27. His wife Appolonia Wilhelmine, and six-year-old son Johann Friedrich Wilhelm died during the voyage and were buried at sea; nine-month-old daughter Johanne Luise died while they were awaiting departure from Hamburg.

CIRCA 1900

Johann Christian Henschke

Paul Gotthard Henschke was born in Bethany on August 9, 1847, the third child of Johann Christian’s second marriage. He married Johanne Mathilde Schulz in 1871 and together they had seven children; their fourth-born, Paul Alfred, would become the next custodian of the family property, and sixth-born, Albert Julius, would later have a wine named after him.

CIRCA 1970

Paul Alfred Henschke

Paul Alfred Henschke was born on February 26, 1878, and educated at North Rhine Lutheran School. In 1907 he married Johanne Ida Selma Stanitzki, whose grandfather Nicolaus Stanitzki planted the first block of shiraz vines on the Hill of Grace vineyard around 1860. They had eleven children, and it was their youngest child, Cyril, who would follow in his father’s footsteps.

CIRCA 1970

Cryil Henschke

Louis’ brother Cyril Henschke created the first Hill of Grace from the 1958 vintage. There was very little table wine being produced and certainly not much at the top end. The wine captured the imagination of consumers and became ‘star’ of the portfolio.

CIRCA 2010

Stephen Carl Henschke

Fifth-generation Stephen Carl Henschke took over running the winery in 1979. Born in 1950, he was Cyril’s younger son and showed an interest in science and winemaking from an early age. Stephen and Prue, with their three children Johann, Justine and Andreas, quietly continue a proud heritage and the philosophy for outstanding quality.