By Tetsuya Wakuda – Owner | Chef | Master of Cuisine
Tetsuya’s, Sydney
Serves 4

1 kg raw chicken wings (pat dry first)
100g pearl meat
100g diced brown onion
100g diced carrot
50g diced celery
20g diced leek
1 whole clove garlic
1 bay leaf
4 peppercorns
1.5 litre water
1 kg chicken bones or carcasses

To clarify
100g chicken mince
80g egg white

Roast the chicken wings 160C for 45min. Set aside wings for use in stock. Deglaze pan for stock.
Whilst roasting chicken wings, roast the washed Jerusalem artichoke for 45min a separate oven tray with a drizzle of olive oil and sea salt. (See Roasted Jerusalem Artichoke recipe below)
Trim the side muscle of the pearl meat and set aside for use in stock.
Keep the whole pieces of flesh separately for later use in the dish approx 70g.
Sauté the onion, carrot, celery, leek & garlic together until translucent.
Add the bay leaf, peppercorns, chicken wings and water. Simmer for 1 hour.

To prepare the whole pearl meat, tightly pack all meat together in a block with cling film and freeze for 30min or until semi firm. Slice as thinly as possible on a mandolin. Set aside, separated with go-between sheets, in the fridge.

Continuously skim the fat off the top of the stock whilst cooking.
Add pearl meat trimmings and simmer for a further 30min. Strain the stock, discard trimmings and reduce by half.
When stock is reduced, to clarify it, bring the stock to a simmer.
Whisk egg whites and chicken mince together until aerated then whisk this into the reduced stock. Simmer for 15min until stock becomes clear.
Carefully strain the liquid off the stock not breaking the clarification foam on top of the stock. Discard the clarification foam.

Cornfed Chicken Wings
4 medium cornfed chicken wings with tips cut off at the 1st joint
20g flaked sea salt
250g duck fat

Clean and trim chicken wings removing cartilage from the top and the bottom.
This will make it easier for removing the bones when cooked.
Salt the chicken wings with the sea salt and set aside in the fridge for 30min.
Wipe the salt off the chicken wings and place in a gastro tray. Immerse in duck fat then cover with grease proof paper, smoothing out air bubbles.
Bake at 100C for 90min. Allow to cool and when cool enough, separate the bones keeping the chicken meat together. Discard the bones. Strain and keep the duck fat for later use.

Pickled shitake mushrooms
50g fresh Shitake mushrooms
30ml rice vinegar
20g castor sugar
30ml soy sauce
10g peeled ginger
50ml water

Pickled shitake mushrooms are best made the day before if possible This gives better flavour.
Wash & dry the shitake mushrooms and set aside.
Place all ingredients except the shitake mushrooms in a pan. Bring to a simmer then remove from heat.
Pour pickling liquid over the top of the shitake mushrooms ensuring they are completely covered in liquid. Set aside to cool. When cool slice shitakes thinly.

Roasted Jerusalem Artichokes and Spring Onions
100g Jerusalem artichokes (Ensure large ones are cut, for even cooking)
Pinch sea salt
Drizzle of olive oil
2 large spring onion bulbs (no green tops)

Soak, wash, and dry the Jerusalem artichokes. Place on a roasting tray, season with salt and drizzle with olive oil
Roast the Jerusalem artichokes for 40min (should be cooked but firm enough to dice) at the same time as the chicken wings. See consommé recipe above.
Remove from oven and allow to cool. Remove the skins and discard.
Small dice the artichoke. Wash & dry the spring onion bulbs then thinly slice on the finest setting on the mandolin.

To Plate
Yarrow tips or micro-herbs, garnish

Place slice spring onion bulb on the bottom of the bowl.
Place pickled shitakes on top.
Gently warm your artichokes in a lightly buttered pan. Place around shitakes.
Caramelise your chicken wing meat in the same pan until golden brown. Place on top of shitake mushroom.
Heat 125g or half the duck fat that was used to cook the chicken in a saucepan to 80C.
Drop pearl meat into the duck fat for 2min. Strain off the duck fat and pat the excess fat off with paper towel. Place on top of roasted chicken wing then pour 50ml of consommé around the dish. Garnish with yarrow tips (or your favourite micro-herb).