A bowl filled with an ice dessert

The Noble Semillon blends beautifully with the fresh and vibrant Momo (Japanese Peach) dessert. The peach focused dessert, which is not overtly sweet, is complimented by the gentle acidity of the Gewürztraminer. Rose and lychee flavours intertwine with the aromatic roasted peach whilst the soft, floral finish of the wine highlights the fragrant and herbaceous shiso leaf and toastiness of the soba. Hints of Turkish delight and candied apricot in the wine soften the light acidity and soft tannin profile present in the jaboticaba granita.

Recipe by Wasabi Restaurant & Bar, Noosa

Serves 6

Peach poaching syrup
1 Litre water
250g sugar
1/2 bunch shiso
6 peaches

Add all ingredients except peaches to the pot. Bring to boil and simmer for 5 minutes. Cut small slits in bottom of the peaches. Poach peaches in syrup for 5-10 minutes gently until skin softens and peach is just cooked. Remove and cool. Strain stock and reserve liquid for peach gel recipe.

Peach gel
500ml peach poaching liquid
1 lemon, juiced
70g agar agar

Bring liquid and lemon to boil, add agar, whisk, then simmer for two minutes. Pour into a tray or container to set. Once set, blend in blender until silky and smooth (not grainy). Pass gel through sieve and put in piping bag or bottle in fridge ready for plating.

Buckwheat (Soba) custard
90g toasted buckwheat
600 ml milk
Eggs (quantity will depend on your buckwheat mixture)
300ml whipped cream
15g white miso
5g salt
20g sugar

Add toasted buckwheat to milk, bring to simmer and continue to simmer until buckwheat is tender.
Remove from heat and transfer into a container to cool on bench. Once cool, transfer to fridge and let the buckwheat infuse in the milk overnight. Strain milk from buckwheat, add half the solids back into the milk and blend on high until smooth. Pass through sieve to ensure smooth consistency. Whisk 1 egg into each 100ml buckwheat milk mixture, put into metal bowl and glad wrap tightly. Place in steamer for 7 minutes or until custard is set. Cool set custard in fridge. Once chilled, blend set custard in blender on high until smooth. Fold through whipped cream and miso. Season with sugar and salt.

Jaboticaba granita
900ml water
300g sugar
1.6 jaboticaba fruit

Bring sugar and water to boil. Add fruit and simmer until soft. Cool down and allow fruit to steep into syrup. Push fruit through a sieve. Freeze remaining liquid in a metal tray. Scratch with a fork until icy and crystals have formed. Keep stored in freezer.

Buckwheat Sable crumble
200g butter
200g caster sugar
120g almond meal
250g buckwheat flour
½ cup puffed amaranth

Cream butter and sugar. Once creamed, sift in the flour and almond meal into the mixture
Mix on low speed to combine. Spread thinly and evenly onto baking paper lined cookie sheet. Bake at 160 degrees until golden and set like a cookie (approx 10 min). Cool on bench then crumble with hands. Add puffed amaranth and combine.

To serve
Place two large spoons of the buckwheat custard on bottom of each serving bowl. Halve peaches and add to bowl. Dot the peach gel around the dish. Add large spoons of the granita over the top. Sprinkle with the buckwheat amaranth crumb and shiso leaves.