A white bowl filled with pink grapefruit sorbet

Recipe by EST Restaurant, Sydney

Grapefruit sorbet
600ml pink grapefruit juice, strained
60ml liquid glucose
300ml sugar syrup, 28 baume

Place the liquid glucose and 50ml of sugar syrup in a small stainless-steel saucepan over medium heat and stir to dissolve the glucose. Once the glucose has melted into the sugar syrup, remove it from heat and whisk into the remaining sugar syrup to blend. Cool if a little warm then add to the grapefruit juice. Churn gently but don’t over churn. Keep it just churned and slightly transparent. Over churned sorbet will resemble snow and set very hard.

Lime Sauce
200g sugar
300ml water
8 limes, bright green skins, zest plus 100ml strained juice

Add water and sugar to a pot. Using a microplane, grate the zest from the limes into the liquid.
Bring to the boil and then simmer very gently for 30min. Remove from heat and let infuse 1 hour.
Strain the sauce and refrigerate. Just prior to serving, measure the quantity of lime sauce then add lime juice based on the following equation. For every 160ml of sauce, add 50ml lime juice. Keep chilled.

Pink grapefruit segments
Blood orange segments
Lime segments
Pineapple, peeled, pipped, finely sliced

To serve
Prepare the fruit and place a little of each into individual bowls. Add lime sauce to taste. Add a quenelle of sorbet to each bowl and serve immediately.