Recipe supplied by former Gold Coast eatery, Ristorante e Bar Fellini
Paired with Henry’s Seven

Serves 4

Truffle cream
100ml pure cream
25ml truffle infused oil

In a bowl, whip the cream and 15ml truffle oil until soft peaks form. Reserve.

Funghi | Mushrooms
25g butter
250g button mushrooms, sliced

In a fry pan, heat the butter and sauté the mushrooms until all the moisture has evaporated and the mushrooms are golden-brown in colour. Remove from the pan. Place in the fridge.

4 x 200g pieces veal tenderloin (eye fillet), trimmed of all sinew
12 thin slices of flat pancetta (or streaky bacon)
Plain flour (for dusting)
50ml olive oil

Flatten each piece of the veal tenderloin with a meat mallet to about 5mm in thickness.Pre heat oven to 180C. Place equal amounts of the cooled mushrooms on the flattened veal. Roll into thick cigar shaped rolls. Wrap each roll in three thin slices of pancetta (or steaky bacon).
Dust each roll with plain flour. Place an oven proof pan over high heat, add half the olive oil, and place the rolled filled veal into the hot oil. Turn to seal on all sides until light golden-brown in colour. Place the pan with the veal into the oven for approx 15min (medium rare) or longer for a more desired cooking stage.
Remove the veal rolls from the pan and place on a tray in a warm area to rest.

150g baby English spinach leaves, washed

From the veal pan, remove excess fats or oil. In the same pan, over high heat, add the spinach leaves and sauté quickly (1 – 2 minutes) until just wilted. Remove from pan. Reserve and keep warm.

150ml demi-glace (reduced beef stock with red wine and tomato paste or for easier use prepared gravy)

In the same pan, add the demi-glace (or gravy) and adjust the seasoning to taste.
Place the veal rolls into the sauce turning to coat each piece with the sauce.
Place the veal rolls onto a chopping board. Slightly trim each end to a straight edge then cut each roll in half on a diagonal.

To serve
Salt and pepper
Extra truffle oil, for drizzling

Place the spinach toward the middle of the serving plates. Evenly spoon the demi-glaze sauce next to the spinach. Place two diagonal halves of veal onto the sauce next to the spinach. Place a dollop of the whipped truffle cream next to the veal on top of the sauce. Drizzle with a little truffle infused oil and serve immediately.