Adelaide Hills – 2012

The beginning of the season for the 2012 vintage saw a drier, cold winter with below average rainfall. Rainfall was also below average in spring with mild conditions and an early budburst. Flowering and fruit set were affected by persistent morning fogs and drizzly weather. This led to a reduction in crop and smaller bunches. Summer was mild with average temperatures influenced by moderating southerlies off the ocean in January and only two short heat events, at New Year and at the end of February. The coldest periods were in the second week of January and the second week of February. This provided for a slow ripening period, which encouraged intense fruit flavours, high natural acidity and good balance. Rainfall leading up to vintage was above average, with the heaviest rainfall events in late January and late February. Temperatures were average going into an early harvest at the beginning of March, warming to an Indian summer in April. This allowed for a long window of picking, finishing on April 20. Standout varieties are chardonnay, showing exquisite fruit flavours, length and acidity, and pinot noir, showing excellent spice, colour intensity and mature velvety tannins. Yields were below average; however, overall quality is exceptional.