Adelaide Hills – 2021

September brought good rainfall for the Adelaide Hills, filling most dams and encouraging even budburst. Perfect November weather during flowering delivered good set on small bunches. December passed without the usual heat and January barely warmed up before a rainfall event was received. The mild conditions remained well below 30°C in February/March, resulting in pinot gris from Littlehampton being picked in excellent condition.


After a year of bushfire recovery work, replacing trellises and retraining vines to the wire, September brought ample rain for Lenswood and just what was needed to encourage budburst from our fire ravaged vines. The small, mixed patch of Giles Pinot Noir clones that were spared from the Cudlee Creek fire started well and were dutifully shoot thinned to encourage growth where it was needed. November brought merciful weather during flowering and good set in December passed without the usual heat and January barely warmed up before a cooling rain event was received. February came and although warm, leaf plucking ensured that the canopies could get as much light in as possible. This proved critical for colour development. The mercury didn’t reach 30°C in March and by the 18th we had our tiny harvest; just 2 tonnes of very precious pinot noir. The fruit was in excellent condition and we were all very relieved. The fruit showed great flavour and if this is an omen, the future looks bright for Lenswood.