A Special Vintage; Donating to a Worthy Cause


We are pleased to release the 2018 Henschke Stone Jar Eden Valley Tempranillo from our cellars.

This vintage of Stone Jar has a special significance as it was the same year that sixth-generation winemaker Johann and his wife Angela welcomed their second child, Bosco Nicolas Henschke, who was born in 2018 in Spain with an imperfect heart (referred to as a congenital heart defect or CHD). This wine bears a dedication to Bosco, who bravely fought for his life, but passed away after 27 days. Those of you close to our family and familiar with his story know why babies born with CHD are known as ‘heart warriors’.

Here in Australia, each day eight babies are born with some type of heart condition. On the front line of care are the incredible doctors and nurses who do their very best for these babies. They are supported by the infallible work of the HeartKids Australia Foundation, who care for the families affected, whether it be by providing them with information and support, or through their research into a cure.

We have decided to support HeartKids Australia’s cause by donating a percentage of the proceeds of every bottle sold.

The 2018 Stone Jar Tempranillo shares a special connection with Bosco. Apart from this being his ‘vintage’, Angela’s family are winemakers in northern Spain; their winery is Finca Torremilanos, specialists in the tempranillo grape. We hope that if you end up purchasing this wine, that you will enjoy it for its unique qualities as well as for the significance that is has for our family.

HeartKids is the voice for those people impacted by congenital/childhood heart disease, the leading cause of infant death in Australia and a complex chronic disease requiring treatment throughout their entire lives.

For over forty years HeartKids has provided assistance to families, young people and adults living with congenital/childhood heart disease by making available reliable and evidence-based information and timely support, by funding research and making new opportunities possible.

It pulses with energy and enjoyment. A core of bright fruit yet definitely a savoury wine with a hint of meaty reduction. Crunchy acidity and precise tannins all adding to its complexity. – Jane Faulkner, Halliday Wine Companion, 1 August 2020.

Recipe pairing: Potato Gnocchi, Goat, Stinging Nettles, Goat Curd and Gremolata, by Head Chef Will Cowper, Otto Ristorante, Brisbane