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An extraordinary team

Today, it is fifth-generation winemaker Stephen Henschke and his viticulturist wife Prue at the helm, passionately upholding the family name and reputation.



Hill of Grace



Being mindful of their role as custodians

Stephen and Prue continue to craft their white wines with a focus on purity, while their red wines have a strong focus on terroir, using traditional winemaking techniques.

“Prue and I are the current ‘keepers of the flame’. Just as earlier generations have done, we want to manage the vineyards and winery so they can be passed on to the next generation in better condition than we inherited them. The last 50 years have been an incredible journey for the Australian wine industry. Hill of Grace and Mount Edelstone are arguably the two oldest single vineyard wines produced in this country that tell the wine story of Australia. Our vision would not be complete without the expectation that future generations will uphold and perpetuate our belief that such ancient and unique single-vineyard sites can produce exceptional wines that are prized for their beauty and rarity.”
– Stephen Henschke

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Looking Forward

The next generation

Johann Henschke is the eldest of Stephen and Prue’s three children, and graduated from his winemaking degree in 2005, going on to gain experience in his field throughout the winemaking world. After completing his Masters in Viticulture and Oenology in 2012, Johann returned to Australia to join his family in the business, focusing his attention on their cool and steep-sloped vineyard at Lenswood in the Adelaide Hills. He now works alongside his parents, and his sister Justine, who re-joined the business as Marketing and Public Relations Manager in 2015. Justine also spent time gaining experience overseas in both wine and luxury goods marketing. Their younger brother Andreas works as an engineer, and currently contributes to the business as a family ambassador with his wife Ruby. Perhaps in the future he will join his siblings in the running of the business.

With many of the challenges for the next generation already well-documented, Johann and Justine expect that innovation and careful management along with a long-term vision will be crucial tools for them. It is important to them that they pass the legacy on to successive generations, and that it be held in the same high regard that it is today.

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