Gifting: Eden Valley Single-Vineyard Shiraz Collection

A fascinating tasting of three shiraz wines from Henschke single vineyards in the Eden Valley wine region, that contrast from north to south in location of site and low to high altitude, while also showing the significance of vine age on the resulting wine.

2015 Hill of Grace (oldest vines over 150 years)
2015 Mount Edelstone (100-year-old vines)
2016 The Wheelwright (50-year-old vines)

A Complimentary copy of our book:
‘Hill of Grace: 150 Years of Henschke Under Southern Skies’ book

“The story of Australia’s celebrated Hill of Grace Shiraz and the history of the family who craft this wine is now available in a spectacular book, ‘Hill of Grace: 150 Years of Henschke Under Southern Skies’, written by Fiona MacDonald.”

Please note, the Gift Box Edition of the book can be purchased separately.