A plate of strawberries, raspberries and jelly

Recipe by Appellation Restaurant, Barossa Valley

Strawberry jelly
500g Strawberry juice and raspberry juice (from 1kg strawberries and punnet of raspberries)
100g Prue’s Verjus
25g Caster sugar
8 Sheets gold gelatine bloomed in cold water
5g Solid pectin

Juice 1kg strawberries and a handful of raspberries in juicer.
Place in strainer and leave in fridge over bowl or jug.
The next day, in a small saucepan, heat Verjus, sugar, 100g of the strawberry juice until it reaches the simmer.
Add gelatine and stir to dissolve.
Add remaining juice.
Refrigerate jelly for 4 hours or overnight.

To Serve
Serve with vanilla bean ice cream and garnish with additional fresh berries and crumbled honeycomb.