2016 Muscat of Tappa Pass





Eden Valley

Golden straw with green hues. Fragrant, floral aromas of almond blossom, over-ripe apricot, peach, lemon and lime, with bergamot orange, dried papaya, lychee syrup, beeswax and honey. A rich and sweet palate of juicy peach and spicy, candied orange with tropical melon and mango sorbet flavours, balanced by a fine line of cleansing acidity, for a pure and long, fresh finish.

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Product Information

Grape variety breakdown

Produced from fully ripened muscat à petits grains blanc grapes grown at Tappa Pass in the Eden Valley region.

Technical Details
Alcohol: 10% | pH:


| Acidity:


| Volume: 375mls

Harvest Date

29 March


Muscat blanc grapes are fermented cool to enhance the floral muscat aromas and delicate flavours while retaining 73g/L of residual sugar.


The Muscat of Tappa Pass is produced in a style of a late harvest wine where the fully ripe grapes are left on the vine for longer to naturally increase sugar levels and dehydrate slightly, and often gain an appearance similar to raisins when picked. Late harvest is an indication of a sweet dessert wine.

Cellaring potential

Excellent; 15+ years (from vintage).

Serving Temperature


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Vintage Description

The 2016 vintage began with well below-average winter rainfall, followed by a warm
and dry spring, which enhanced flowering and set to give average to above-average yield potential. Low disease pressure was maintained by one of the hottest Decembers on record, though temperatures cooled down in the New Year and rainfall around veraison in late
January brought relief to the dry-grown, old-vine Eden Valley vineyards. This was followed by further rainfall in early March which eased the stress on all varieties. The fruit matured with an earlier harvest, as predicted due to an early Easter. Open, light and airy vine canopies allowed for good flavour, sugar and colour and mature tannins to develop at harvest, which was overall characterised by average yields but very high quality.