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"Verjus is a complex, pressed juice from unfermented grapes. This wonderful grapey condiment can be used as a replacement for citrus in drinks or vinegar in cooking." - Prue Henschke

Pale gold with a green hue. Fresh fragrant aromas of Granny Smith apple, lime juice and white peach. The palate is bright, juicy and fresh with concentrated citrus flavours and a hint of lychee, crisp acidity and a zesty finish.

Product Information


Grape variety breakdown

49% Semillon | 37% Graciano |14% Muscat Blanc

Harvest Date

7 March


The grapes are handpicked at veraison (onset of colouring in grapes) when they are starting to develop flavour but still have high acidity and sugars are only around 10%. After whole-bunch pressing the juice is cold settled and sterile filtered into the bottle.


Prue's Verjus is a crisp and zesty, freshly-pressed grape juice made from a premium selection of unfermented green Eden Valley grapes. Semillon, graciano and muscat blanc have been selected to enhance the aromatic quality and food-friendly flavour of the verjus. This wonderful grapey condiment can be used for a half verjus, half sparkling water non-alcoholic spritzer, or in salad dressings and for cooking. Verjus can be used to deglaze the pan after cooking light meats such as chicken, and for poaching. Splash fresh fruit with verjus in place of lemon juice to prevent discolouring. With bottle ageing, the colour and flavours intensify, just like a wine.

Cellaring potential

Excellent vintage; Drink now. Refrigerate and use within 2 months after opening.

Serving Temperature


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Vintage Description

While the winter of 2022 saw average rainfall, the latter part of the year brought cooler and above average wet weather. This led to poor flower set and encouraged the spread of downy mildew. A hail flurry on 23 January caused some damage to the green berries, which became sites for botrytis infections later during ripening. The cool lead up to vintage resulted in a slow ripening period, allowing for great flavour development and acid retention. Rainfall during harvest encouraged the growth of botrytis, but careful hand selection during picking delivered good quality fruit. Despite the challenges, the 2023 vintage will be remembered for excellent quality wines with riesling, semillon and shiraz the standout varieties.