Second Generation – 1847-1914

Paul Gotthard Henschke

Paul Gotthard Henschke was born in Bethany on August 9, 1847, the third child of Johann Christian’s second marriage. He married Johanne Mathilde Schulz in 1871 and together they had seven children; their fourth-born, Paul Alfred, would become the next custodian of the family property, and sixth-born, Albert Julius, would later have a wine named after him.

Following his father’s death in 1873, Paul Gotthard took over the running of the North Rhine property at Keyneton, which had the previous year been transferred from father to son for the sum of five schillings, the cost of the transfer fee. Paul Gotthard continued the farming and winemaking tradition of his father, and when more vineyards were planted wine production gradually increased. Later, in 1891, he purchased land with a small planting of vines near the Gnadenberg Church, which was to become known as the Hill of Grace vineyard.

Like his father before him Paul Gotthard was actively involved in the local community, and in 1874 he became one of the first constables of the District Council of North Rhine. He was the organist for Gnadenberg Church for many years, and in 1888 he formed the first known brass band in the district, which was called the Henschke Family Brass Band. Instruments were mostly brought from Germany and three of them, a euphonium, a clarinet and a cornet, have been lovingly restored and are still in the family’s possession today.