The way your Henschke wine is stored will impact its longevity. From temperature to light, bottle position and closure type, learn how to create the ideal cellaring conditions in your home.

How to Store Your Wine

Darkness is important because light, especially sunlight, will increase a wine’s rate of ageing and can spoil it over time. Constant temperature is also critical as it allows for slow, even maturation.

We recommend cellaring white wines from 7-12°C and red wines from 12-18°C. Warmer or fluctuating temperatures can impact the rate at which wines age and the risk of spoilage. It can also cause corks to move and leak. 

How you store your wine depends on the closure. Bottles with corks should be laid horizontally, while wines with screw cap or Vinolok glass stopper can be stored in any position.  

Optimum Drinking Age

While our wines are ideal for drinking at release, they also have an incredible ability to age. Our vintage charts represent the optimal drinking age based on ideal cellaring conditions.

It is important to consider the closure when deciding on the best time to open and enjoy your Henschke wines.

Unfortunately, the quality of wines bottled under cork cannot be guaranteed due to the unpredictable nature of this natural product. The optimum drinking time can be reduced due to cork closures, as bottles cannot be expected to age consistently.