Henschke Collectors Wine Club

Thank you for being a member of our Henschke Collectors Wine Club.

We have curated these selections to cover a range of varieties and styles for you to enjoy now with family and friends or add to your cellar for special occasions.
We hope you enjoy your wines.

Current Packs

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2024 Peggy's Hill

2023 Henry's Seven

2023 Stone Jar

2021 Keyneton Euphonium

Henschke Family Red Selection

2023 Henry’s Seven

2022 Johann's Garden

2021 Keyneton Euphonium

2005 Tappa Pass

Old-Vine Red Collection

2021 The Rose Grower

2021 Keyneton Euphonium

2015 Keyneton Euphonium

2021 Tappa Pass

2005 Tappa Pass