Sustainability in the Winery

At Henschke we have always been conscious of our energy use, continually seeking ways to increase our energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption in the winery. Although the Eden Valley wine region is well suited to grapegrowing, our regional location at the end of the power line results in unreliable and limited access to power from the grid.  

The Henschke Microgrid

In 2017, we engaged Tandem Energy to conduct a comprehensive energy audit to identify opportunities for improvement. From this initial body of work grew an ambitious project – the design and installation in 2021 of a solar and battery microgrid with diesel backup. Not only was this a first for us, but it was also a first for any winery in Australia.  
The installation of a microgrid provides the backbone of the winery’s electrical infrastructure, enabling opportunities for future sustainable growth, creating energy flexibility and providing energy security by reducing the impact of blackouts and voltage fluctuations. It also increases electricity capacity during vintage, thus reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. 
The Henschke family is passionate about the environment and reducing carbon emissions. At the time of installation, our current solar system now generates approximately 35% of the winery’s energy consumption, which equates to a reduction of 60 tonnes of greenhouse gases or the planting of 300 trees every year. 

    Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

    As part of the Porsche Destination Charging network, we are pleased to offer all Henschke customers complimentary charging facilities for their electric vehicles. We have two convenient 11kw charging points onsite, which are powered from our microgrid.